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Apple spends $700K/year on keeping CEO Tim Cook safe – SEC filing

One of the numbers disclosed in Apple’s Schedule 14A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission was the amount Apple spends annually on protecting CEO Tim Cook. Patently Apple spotted the entry listing “security expenses in the amount of $699,133.” Tim Cook rarely has much visible security when seen at public events, but...
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Best Buy Begins Selling Apple Watch

In late July, Best Buy announced plans to begin Apple Watch sales online and in its retail stores beginning on August 7, and as promised, Apple Watch sales have now kicked off, with the device available for purchase on Best Buy’s website. Best Buy plans to offer 16...
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Apple Merges Apple.com Website and Online Store

Apple made a significant change to its online presence today, merging its Apple.com website with its once-separate online store, to create one main website. There is no longer a standalone store.apple.com website that is used for making purchases, and the “Store” tab that was once at the top...
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