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Like it did last year, Apple’s participation in this year’s Worlds AIDS Day will include changing the iconic glowing white Apple logo that hangs outside its retail stores to red in order to raise awareness for the fight against AIDS. The new red Apple signage is already up at Apple’s Australian stores (pictured above) as we roll into Dec. 1 local time.

This year, Apple has increased its contributions to the cause alongside the Product Red charity organization through a tie-in with its Black Friday promotions. The company announced this year that it would be offering (RED) iTunes gift cards on select purchases through its online and retail stores instead of traditional discounts, of which a portion of profits are donated to the Product Red charity.

In addition, Apple announced partnerships with app developers to donate sales of in-app purchases to the cause and it will also donate a portion of proceeds from every product sold through both its online and retails stores on World AIDS Day tomorrow, Dec. 1. The new initiatives are in addition to the contributions the company makes throughout the year from the sale of Product Red-branded Apple products.

Earlier this year, Product Red co-founder Bono praised Apple during an interview for its contributions of $75 million to the charity. Last year, the company made an official announcement that Apple had reached $65 million in donations, making it the biggest contributor of all companies. Apple makes contributions all year long through a number of red iOS devices and accessories it sells.

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