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We shared yesterday that Apple’s newly released fifth developer beta version of iOS 9 adds a new collection of colorful, Retina showcasing default wallpapers for the iPhone. Settling on a new wallpaper, or in this case a whole set of gorgeous imagery, usually mean development on the operating system itself is wrapping up ahead of a public release sometime the following month.

For non-developers and iPhone users not risking stability on their daily driver in favor of new eye candy and features, though, the several week waiting period for iOS 9 to be finalized and released ahead of the new iPhone 6S can make waiting to try those new wallpapers frustrating. To remedy that, we’ve shared downloadable versions of each new wallpaper below so you can sport the iOS 9 look on your iPhone without the occasional bugs that accompany beta versions of iOS:


iOS 9 wallpapers 4
iOS 9 wallpapers 3
iOS 9 wallpapers 11


iOS 9 wallpapers 5
iOS 9 wallpapers 6
iOS 9 wallpapers 7

Color Explosions

iOS 9 wallpapers 8
iOS 9 wallpapers 9
iOS 9 wallpapers 10


iOS 9 wallpapers 13
iOS 9 wallpapers 12
iOS 9 wallpapers 2


iOS 9 wallpapers 14
iOS 9 wallpapers 15
iOS 9 wallpapers 16

And for good measure, here’s the original iOS 9 default wallpaper — a multi-colored wave — although it’s been replaced in the latest beta along with several iOS 7 and iOS 8 default wallpapers (plus OS X 10.11 El Capitan’s new wallpapers). To save any of these wallpapers for use on your own iPhone ahead of iOS 9’s release, open the gallery for each set to access the full resolution version.

iOS 9 wallpapers 1
El Capitan 2
El Capitan
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